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Living Room Interior Design In Rhode Island


... Not only furniture but your entire home ...

The living room is the gathering place of the home. Whether you have guests visiting, are spending the day with your family, or want a place to unwind at the end of the day, the living room is an all-purpose place to spend your time.


Learning how to decorate a living room can be an easy way to invest your time and skills into establishing a stylish oasis out of one of the most visible spaces in your home.

Choose Livable Upholstery


When choosing furnishings, many assume you have to choose between style and comfort. Durable fabrics are now made to look as attractive as their more luxurious counterparts. Choose living room decorations that fit your lifestyle, feel comfortable, and allow you to relax and enjoy your time in the space.


Combine Neutrals and Colors


One of the most prevalent and long-lasting interior design tips for a living room is to build a base of neutrals and then add in pops of color. This allows you to change the color scheme with trends or according to your changing style preferences without having to switch out large furniture pieces or repaint your entire space.


Change It Up With Textures


If your goal is a dynamic look to your living room space, consider using a variety of textures for your details and accessories. Using contrasting textures such as rustic wood with soft, buttery leather or excellent stone and glass with plush wool and cotton pieces adds visual interest to the space.


Interior Design Tips for the Living Room


If you are interested in furniture for your living room, a professional, high-end company like RI Design Center in West Warwick, RI, can provide you with the confidence you need to show off your style.


Contact us to learn more about the unlimited options from the industry’s finest brands that we carry. The team at RIDC also has interior designers that can help you achieve the look you have always dreamed of.

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Rhode Island Design Center has everything you need to complete the look of your home. From area rugs to accent lighting, artwork, accessories, and window treatments, we will help you find what will make your house uniquely yours.
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