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Flex Space & Spare Room Ideas

... Not only furniture, but your entire home ...

Transform your flex room and make it an iconic feature of your home. Discover how to use the latest in lifestyle brands and bonus room ideas to elevate your space in the West Warwick or Providence area. Make the most of your additional space, whether you blend it into your existing interior design or strike out in a new and unique design direction.

Inspirational Bonus Room Ideas

The latest trend in bonus room designs is flexibility. Modern homes may include multiple generations, multiple remote workers, and multiple hobbies. The right furnace can make it easy to combine two or more room ideas into a dynamic flex room. 


At Rhode Island Design Center, we have the furniture you need to update your interior design. Quality furniture pieces set apart your bonus room and blend fashion, function, and timeless use. Here are some common ways to use furniture and interior design to personalize a bonus room in your home: 

  • Laundry room: A stackable washer/dryer and small sink can fit into a small space and leave plenty of room for other bonus room ideas.

  • Home office: All you need is enough desk space for a laptop, a comfortable office chair, and a professional background to turn a corner of a room into an office. Modern remote workers keep many of their files online, so you’re unlikely to need a bulky desk or file storage system.

  • Home gym: Turn any space into your own workout sanctuary. Whether you enjoy cycling, following workout videos, or practicing yoga in your free time, a bonus room is the perfect space to exercise your body and calm your mind.

  • Guest bedroom: Elevate your guest bedroom with a modern bed design. Don’t settle for a generic spare bed that takes up an entire room. Explore unique wall bed and hide-away bed options and alternatives that match your elegant sense of interior design.

  • Artist studio: You don’t need to create masterpieces to deserve your own artist’s studio. Create a calming or inspiring interior design to prepare for your next project in West Warwick or Providence.

  • Kids' playroom: Tired of toys spread around your living room? Set aside the entire bonus room or part of it for toy storage and a playroom. 


These are just a few ideas that you can use to make the most of your bonus room. A few furniture pieces can make all the difference in your room design, either to complete your design or set the tone for a total redesign.


Personalize Flex Rooms by Rhode Island Design Center

Contact us at Rhode Island Design Center to explore our impressive list of furniture vendors. Discuss your small den ideas with our designers to see how you can update your room and inspire your interior design.

Featured Image: Shutterstock / David Papazian

Rhode Island Design Center has everything you need to complete the look of your home. From area rugs to accent lighting, artwork, accessories and window treatments, we will help you find what will make your house uniquely yours.
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