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Kristen Marks


As a decorator, Kristen understands how tricky and challenging spaces can be. She loves a challenge! Mistakes can be expensive and disappointing. Buying things and returning them wastes time and energy. As your Decorating Solutions decorator, Kristen will put a solid design plan in your hands, allowing you to know what's right for your space (or not), and you can work to the plan as your time and finances allow. With your Decorating Solutions plan, Kristen spends time in your home to discuss, measure and work out any design and color details. Design is collaborative and should address the wants and needs of everyone in your home! Sometimes homeowners have so many good ideas that they just can't narrow it down to one, or often they just can't find a good starting design concept. After the visit, a meeting takes place in the Rhode Island Design Center's beautiful Design Studio to refine your plan together with Kristen, focusing on how the space is to be used, and how it can be made more durable, comfortable and attractive. Along the way, you will also learn Kristen's designing tips and tricks to bring life to your space, and hopefully have a little fun too! With her expertise you should save time and money. Kristen has been a decorator for over 18 years and has helped hundreds define their spaces in a way they were just not able to do by themselves. From furniture placement, whole-house color schemes, lighting, ADA compliance, blueprint reviews, and moving and downsizing - Kristen can help. Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions!
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