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New England Window Treatments by Rhode Island Design Center

Window Treatments and Coverings in New England home

Incorporate your windows in your interior design in a whole new way with professional window treatments by Rhode Island Design Center. Our team offers the quality treatments your home deserves and the design assistance to bring it all together. Explore our window treatment line and discover the benefits of adding these iconic features to your home.


Quality Window Treatments for Style and Functionality

Bring in a new color to your interior design. Window treatments can match an existing color in your room or add a bold accent color. A refreshing pop of color helps draw the eyes up and out the windows, which can make space feel larger. More muted colors calm a room down and help keep out light. Consider more muted treatments in bedrooms for a relaxing atmosphere.


Accents aren’t just about color, but a touch of texture can also be a refreshing change. If smooth walls and straight lines are overwhelming your design, incorporate loose fabric window treatments in unique textures. Our team can assist you in selecting the designer treatments that can transform your home.


Privacy and Natural Lighting

Modern window treatments make a statement about your home. Whether they create a private, secluded oasis or an airy and open balcony feel, curtains and blinds play a significant role in the look and feel of each room. Tailor your treatments to match the necessary level of privacy and the natural light opportunities your design calls for. Thick curtains and solid blinds offer total privacy, while lighter materials and partial blinds help balance both lighting and privacy.


Reduced Energy Usage

Your windows are the main source of heat loss in the winter and hot sunlight in the summer. Your heater and air conditioner work against them to keep your home uniformly warm, so cover up windows with thick, energy-efficient treatments to reduce your energy usage.


Most blinds offer little insulation in the winter but reflecting much or all of the sunlight that hits your window plays a significant role in keeping your home cool in the summer. Thick curtains offer the insulation you need in the winter, and they can be drawn to prevent sunlight in the summer. Don’t settle for treatments that are purely functional, but weigh this practical feature with design decisions as you explore our line of window treatments.


Elevate Your Interior Design with Rhode Island Design Center

Update your home’s decor with stunning window treatments. Schedule an appointment or call (401) 826-5650 to see what we have available for you at Rhode Island Design Center in West Warwick, RI. Indulge in the latest window covering ideas from leading designers to transform a room and create a welcoming, personalized atmosphere throughout your home. Don’t settle for a functional blind or an impractical curtain, but find out how the latest trends affect your home design and comfort.

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