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Find Your Style Quiz

Are you a bit indecisive when it comes to interiors? Not sure where to begin with design dos and don’ts?
The RIDC Find Your Style quiz is a fun tool to help you explore your inner interior designer!

Answer the following questions to get to the bottom of your design delusion and pick a place to start your next home-decorating project.

1. Your favorite flower can say a lot about your style. Which of these is the best bloom for you?

A.) Sunflower: You like to spend time outside and get in touch with Mother Nature.

B.) Rose: You know how to embrace your feminine side with bright, bold colors.

C.) Daisy: You appreciate the simplicity that comes with the little things.

D.) Lilly: You like classic pieces which come together to create an elegant, refined look.

E.) Lavender: You enjoy a serene, peaceful environment and soft surroundings.

2. An ideal companion can hint towards your design preference. Pick a pet.

A.) Mutt: A mixed breed puppy-dog would be your pet of choice.

B.) Parrot: You would appreciate a pet who would repeat after you.

C.) Cat: A spunky little house cat – there’s no one you’d rather take a catnap with.

D.) Poodle: A primped poodle is the perfect pal for you.

E.) You’d rather go pet-less. No pets, no mess!

3. Your dream vacation would be a getaway to…

A.) A quick weekend camping trip.

B.) Jet-set to Paris.

C.) A trip to the mountains for a week for of skiing.

D.) Spend some time with your loved ones at the cozy family cottage.

E.) A quaint beach community in the summer months.

4. Which celeb do you consider to be your style icon?

A.) Drew Barrymore: Drew is identified by her stylishly-sloppy boho look.

B.) Marilyn Monroe: Her personality matched her bold ensembles which simply couldn’t be overlooked.

C.) Reese Witherspoon: A woman who knows how to accessorize with ribbons and frills.

D.) Rachel Bilson: Her classic Cali-girl style produces a casual look, easily dressed up or down

E.) Jennifer Aniston: An actress who has perfected the perfect Plain Jane look.

5. Pick a house you could see yourself making your home.

A.) Farmhouse

B.) Victorian

C.) Ranch-style

D.) Classic

E.) Modern

Answer Key:
  • Mostly A:

    Your style is laid back and easy-going. You are not impressed by fancy designer labels, but prefer pieces that don’t look flashy and high-end. You tend to shy away from leather upholstery, and stick to classic fabric coverings.

  • Mostly B:

    You are not afraid to embrace the latest decorating trend when it comes dressing up your house. You like bold colors and fancy fabrics. Nothing is too flashy.

  • Mostly C:

    Your ideal home is channeling a “Plain Jane” look. You are a big the down-to-earth style. Try using wood pieces in your home with a lighter finish, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Mostly D:

    Your decorating style tends to fall under the All-American category. You like big, comfy pieces that create a crisp, clean finish. Opt for a plush leather sectional in a darker tone.

  • Mostly E:

    Your modern taste is best suited by pieces with asymmetrical qualities. You like a spacious floor plan with a minimalistic decorative elements. Contemporary is cool.

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