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Lighting Design Services

... Not only furniture, but your entire home ...

Breathe new life into your home and illuminate your iconic furnishings with professional lighting design services by Rhode Island Design Center. Find out how our lighting services help you reinvent your interior design and set the tone for every room.

Design Inspiration

Are you looking to light up your home with clear, energy-efficient fixtures that give the appearance of daylight? Or are you interested in warm tones, muted lighting, and fixtures that add personality to your home? Answering these and other basic concept questions help point our designers in the right direction to set the tone for your home.


Some lighting designs set the tone for the whole home, while others complement your chosen color palette and furnishings. Selecting furnishings and designing lighting can be difficult tasks to perform separately, so work with our team at Rhode Island Design Center for a luxuriously comprehensive service.


Benefits of New Lighting

Work with our lighting design experts at Rhode Island Design Center to enjoy the benefits of modern lighting technology. From upgrading to LED bulbs to installed smart lighting controls, you may be surprised at the level of modernization available for your lighting. Here are a few benefits you can expect when you work with our team:

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Personalized lighting controls

  • Fully integrated system

  • Fixtures that fit your interior design


Whether you’re looking for ceiling lights, fans, or lamps, our light fixtures blend with your furniture and interior design color palette to bring it all together. Add the finishing touches to your kitchen, living room, or whole home design with quality lighting and fixtures from the latest designers.


You need to carefully choose your fixtures and light controls to make the most of your new design. Too much lighting can use unnecessary energy and create glaring, uncomfortably lit rooms. Too few fixtures and your home may feel dim or cramped. Work with a designer to achieve the perfect touch in your home.


Our Services

At Rhode Island Design Center, your new lighting starts with a consultation. We discuss your ideal concept and review your existing lighting and interior setup. Next, we use modern design software to create a detailed model of your room and our proposed light fixtures.


A model allows you to ask questions and visualize your new design before moving forward. Once you find a setup you absolutely love, it’s time to order your lighting. Work with skilled contractors to ensure the hassle-free installation of built-in fixtures for safe and efficient services.


Be Inspired Today

Elevate your furnishings and illuminate your home with our design services. Compare our services with other light design company offerings to see why we’re a leading choice. Visit our showroom in Warwick, RI or Contact us to bring together your interior design and enjoy a totally transformed home. Add comfort and value to your home today.

Featured Image: Shutterstock / Marko Poplasen

Rhode Island Design Center has everything you need to complete the look of your home. From area rugs to accent lighting, artwork, accessories and window treatments, we will help you find what will make your house uniquely yours.
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