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Bedroom Interior Designers - Warwick, RI

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Decorating a bedroom is one of the most fulfilling areas of home design, especially if you are decorating the home's master bedroom. Master bedroom decor should be selected to serve the function of a bedroom best while still creating a sanctuary of relaxation within the home. If you are moving into a new space or your current master has a lackluster and uninspiring design, it is time to rethink your space to make it work better for your lifestyle.

Build Around Function

Designing your master bedroom starts with the essentials. Your bed will be the centerpiece of the room, so making a careful choice that anchors the space makes it easier to design around it. Traditional headboards and footboards in wood or metal can serve as neutrals against a more artistic room.


If you choose, the headboard itself can be a unique and decorative choice that serves as a focal point in the room. In that case, the other décor items serve as support pieces.


Find Inspiring Accessories to Add Interest

When it comes to innovative and inspiring decorating, master bedroom accessories can be the key to tying a room together. Neutral fabrics serve as a backdrop and give you creative license to brighten the space with surprising colors or texture.


Decorating master bedroom furniture with neutral fabrics helps serve as a backdrop and gives you the creative license to brighten the space with surprising colors and textures. Most master bedrooms benefit from at least one mirror to move light around the room and make it feel more spacious and open.


Call In the Professionals

If you are seeking new and creative methods for designing a home or office space, turn to the expertise of RI Design Center for a great selection of high-end furniture.


Contact the design team at RI Design Center in West Warwick, RI to get some great pieces for your redesign and prepare to fall back in love with your space. You can also reach out by calling (401) 826-5650.

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