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Seven Ways To Spring Forward

Designers are concentrating on creating friendly, welcoming spaces that focus on families, foster communication, and encourage people to be happy. But it’s not about spending tons; practical value is the phrase of the season. Here’s how.

1) Monochromatic. Choose the neutral greys and whites for the big pieces; they go with every room color and décor. Anchor the room and add warmth with metal details such as majestic copper and chic bronze.

2) Eclectic. Everything doesn’t have to be from the same set. Curate a room full of pieces that speak to your design sensibility and the vibe will be pure joy. Mix and match with a variety of seating sizes: sofas, chaises, ottomans, chairs, and loveseats. If you have an open space, use tables and shelving to create conversation zones as well as cozy reading nooks.

3) Comfort. For furniture you’ll want to sit around in for a while, make sure you test out the cushions in the store. You want sink-in comfort (as in down-blend cushions) but also a little support for tired muscles.

4) Just-right size. For true comfort, your feet should touch the floor when you sit. Is your choice deep enough if you’re tall or too deep so your feet can’t touch the floor? If you like to lie down, is it long enough to be comfortable?

5) Sectionals. Nothing says “let’s chat” like a sectional. There’s room for everyone to gather and share the news of the day. And if you choose one that breaks down in pieces, they’re easy to move when you upgrade your digs.

6) Easy Care. That means choosing durable materials. There are several options, and Kashmira® is the most durable in the industry by far. Or think slipcovers for easy washability and a quick change of color.

7) Cardi’s Custom. Get the exact sofa, loveseat, sectional or chair that you want, in the size that fits your space when you choose Cardi’s Custom. Select from 400 trending fabrics, plus leather options. Then choose your cushion preference: standard, firm or soft. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece you won’t see in anyone else’s living room!


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