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Transform your Master Bedroom Into a Retreat

Updated: Mar 31

Life can be chaotic and busy at times, and hectic schedules can keep you in high gear while burning the midnight oil. Even after we've returned home for the evening, the house is active with meals, chores, and family-oriented activities.

That’s why we all could use a dedicated space that we can escape to and relax in—and where better than your Master Bedroom. Below, we'll explore some ideas for making it, and keeping it, a bedroom oasis.


Believe it or not, the human brain is actually calmed by the sight of a clean table or empty dresser top. It allows your mind to breathe a sigh of relief rather than focusing on all the things you feel you should be doing, like folding the laundry, remembering to pay the bills, or simply clearing the table.

Decluttering at night before you go to bed, or at least once a week, will help keep your bedroom feeling less like a busy commuter's lane and more like your own private oasis—a place where you can escape.

Use Closed Storage

Closed storage can be anything from a simple dresser or armoire with doors, to a series of baskets or boxes. The idea is to put out of sight all the things that used to take up residence on the top of your table, nightstand, or dresser.

Spend a little time getting organized so that you can actually use that drawer in the nightstand that you currently have filled with random bits and bobs, or spend a few dollars on a decorative basket with a lid so that you can keep your odds and ends in there, instead of scattering them across your nightstand or dresser top.

You’ll feel much more at ease when you declutter your bedroom. If you have something that needs to be done, like paying a bill or going over the latest spreadsheets from work, keep those important items in another part of the house—your bedroom should be used exclusively for rest and relaxation.

The Right Lighting

Ideally, your bedroom should have at least three light sources—one that’s on a switch, so you can easily turn on the lights when you enter; one for task lighting, such as a desk lamp or a lamp on the dresser so you can see verify that your socks match; and lastly, one for reading in bed, that you can turn off without getting up.

If you don’t have the additional space or don't need task lighting, that’s fine, but the other two are necessities. There’s nothing more irritating than walking into your bedroom and having to search for a light source in the dark, aside from getting into bed and then realizing you have to get up to turn the lights off.

A Place to Sit

Whatever your bedroom space situation, you should always make room for a place to sit—aside from the bed itself. Create a cozy reading corner, complete with a chair and ottoman, or place two chairs in a bay window, or you could even find space for a comfortable bench at the end of the bed.

A Dreamy Bed

Since the majority of your time in the master bedroom will be spent sleeping, it’s important that you have a mattress that helps you get a good night's rest. If you're in the market for a new mattress, consult this article here, which details all the things you need to consider when purchasing a mattress.

Secondly, it's equally important that you make your bed beautiful and find a master bedroom set that fits your style and decor. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so it makes sense that you'd want to make it stand out. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on bedding to get a really luxurious-looking bed that also feels great to sleep in.


Furnishing and making your bed are not the only keys to making your Master Bedroom a personal retreat—one thing that often goes overlooked is decorating your bedroom and finishing the space.

You'll be surprised how adding a few simple things like a rug, artwork, and a few accessories can finish your space and make the Master Bedroom feel complete. Take the time and consideration to make your Master Bedroom a space you actually look forward to relaxing in.

Create Your Dream Retreat Today, with Rhode Island Design Center

If you're ready to begin creating your Master Bedroom Retreat and a relaxing oasis for yourself, we invite you to see how we can help you discover the bedroom furniture of your dreams. We will guide you along the design process and help you find high end furniture for your new master bedroom retreat.

Our dedication to service has earned the trust and respect of past and current clients in Rhode Island and beyond; you'll see why once our team is on the job. We're passionate about high-end furniture and beautiful interiors, and we can't wait to impress you.

Find out how our interior design services and the industry’s finest furniture have set the standard for modern New England living, by contacting the experts at Rhode Island Design Center.


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