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For more than 120 years, Stickley has stood for unparalleled American craft. And their story began with three words: “Als Ik Kan” – to the best of my ability. Their enduring tradition, superior craftsmanship, and an unshakeable philosophy of excellence are the values that allow Stickley to produce America’s premium hardwood furniture and fine upholstery. Each piece is made with honor, integrity, and pride.

When you buy Stickley furniture, you won’t need to replace it after a few

years. They build every piece to last, creating heirlooms to be passed down

through the generations. And nothing is more sustainable than furniture built

to last a lifetime. They invest in only the best materials including premium

hardwoods, fine stone tops, and high-quality hardware. Their time-honored

construction techniques, including mortise and tenon joinery and side-hung

and center-guided drawers—alongside thoughtful choices like quartersawing

white oak—require more care and effort but result in a stronger, more durable

product. Classic Stickley features like our hand-applied finishes, intricate

carving, and delicate inlays require the hands-on work of many skilled

craftspeople—people whose time and effort are a meaningful investment.


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