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Room Makeover for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to begin thinking about how to freshen up your home with new furniture and décor. And even though there are plenty of holiday decorating ideas for adding a special seasonal touch to any room, you can truly make a space shine with stylish, functional pieces that will far outlast the festivities.

Creating a cozy, welcoming, and warm home is one of the best ways to capture the holiday spirit. Depending on your vision, that might mean swapping out a few staple pieces, or it could end up evolving into a full room makeover - it's entirely up to you.

How Can I Decorate My Room for the Holidays?

There's no question that holiday decor is a seasonal staple, but have you considered looking beyond the typical Christmas tree, garland, and other temporary touches? Instead of adding to your collection of holiday-themed décor, it may be time to make lasting changes in your space.

With a few useful tips, you can makeover a room just in time for the holidays. Special events, family visits, and other holiday occasions can be celebrated in a beautifully updated space, but you'll also be investing in stylish additions that you can enjoy long after the holidays are over.

Choose comfortable, well-crafted furniture that's both attractive and practical for holiday and anytime use.

The best furniture pieces marry form and function, making a style statement in a room while also fulfilling a clear purpose.

For example:

  • If you regularly entertain during the holidays (and year-round), ample seating is a necessity. Consider a plush sofa or sectional, as well as a pairing of armchairs or an upholstered bench. You'll want to make sure that every guest has a comfortable place to sit.

  • If you have a guest room or suite, a new bedroom set can be a wonderful way to welcome visitors. Ideally, the bed should be at least a queen-sized model so that guests have space to sleep comfortably.

  • Your dining room should also be well-equipped for the holidays. A new dining table and chairs can be a beautiful backdrop to special meals, and a quality set can last many years.

Enlist the help of professionals to realize your design vision.

Many people have a good idea of how they want their space to look and feel, but it can be challenging to translate that to an actual layout and design. However, some skilled professionals can guide you through the makeover process, making it far more successful (and less stressful).

For example, at Rhode Island Design Center, our staff and talented designers are always on hand to help our customers find holiday decorating ideas and the perfect pieces for their homes. Together, we can balance your specific needs with your personal style to create a gorgeous space that you'll love for a very long time.

Simplify Your Redesign at Rhode Island Design Center

A holiday home makeover doesn't have to be a complicated process, especially not when you come to Rhode Island Design Center. We've curated an impeccable selection of designer-made furniture and décor, making it easier to shop the very best in the industry. Plus, we source collections that allow you to transform a room with ease; for example, our Libby Langdon collections are a style favorite that features full room settings that include everything from the furniture to the area rugs.

Find everything you need to create a holiday home you're proud of when you visit Rhode Island Design Center today.


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