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It's All About The Motion

Recline, rock, glide, swivel, lift…what type of motion floats your boat?

The traditional rocker-recliner rocks when upright and lowers fully on an arched track to recline – a favorite of new moms since the rocking motion is soothing. Push-back models have no lever or button and rely on body pressure to recline. They do not rock and don’t take up as much room, great for book reading, conversation, and cat napping.

Glider recliners are similar to rockers, except they move forward and back on a linear path instead of an arched path. If you have the room, swivel recliners are designed on a circular base that lets you swing left to right as well as recline. Lift chairs lift you out of the seat to a near-standing position, particularly helpful for those with mobility issues.

LA-Z-BOY is often considered the gold standard of recliners; they pretty much invented the modern recliner. And they start at just $298. Their latest innovation is called DUO Motion, a patented mechanism that blends stationary styling and a hidden footrest with power reclining comfort. The result: a chair that doesn’t look like it reclines and gives you zero proximity to the wall.

Other options to keep an eye out for: heated massage feature, USB ports, hidden storage compartments, drop down table, and discreet lighting.


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