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Wood Vs. Wicker for Outdoor Furniture

Updated: Mar 31

Choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture in Rhode Island can be challenging with all the factors you need to consider like longevity, affordability, and of course, beauty.

Many people wonder, “Is wood or wicker better for outdoor furniture?” and the answer is that it depends since there are many materials to consider before directly answering that question.

Keep reading to learn more about the best outdoor furniture in Rhode Island.


Wood patio furniture can be made out of many different types of wood such as teak, redwood, cedar, pine, and eucalyptus. Teak, redwood, and cedar are durable woods that require less maintenance. Pine, on the other hand, is not as durable as other woods, but it also requires less maintenance.

The longevity of wood furniture also depends on how well the wood is respected and cared for by its owner. All types of wood should be cleaned regularly to prevent rot. Also, storing wood outdoors during the cold season is not recommended since the cold can damage the wood.


Teak is an excellent choice for luxurious and classy outdoor furniture that can last longer than many other kinds of wood furniture because of its durability and natural resistance to insect infestation and decay. Teak furniture also resists water damage. You should apply teak sealant once every two years to prevent moisture from entering the grain and causing splitting.


Another fantastic wood for outdoor furniture is Eucalyptus. This beautiful, sustainable hardwood looks great in any outdoor space. It's also durable, rot-resistant, easy to maintain and can be very affordable. You'll need to be careful in colder months, though, as eucalyptus outdoor furniture can be susceptible to extremely cold temperatures and weather conditions.


Wicker is a type of furniture made out of woven materials. It is usually made from bamboo, willow, or rattan. Outdoor wicker furniture is also often made from synthetic resin or plastics such as Polyethylene. Wicker is popular among people who want to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere outdoors. Known for its durability, weather resistance, and lightweight characteristics, outdoor wicker furniture is also very easy to clean using household cleaner and water.

Aluminum Frames with Wicker Resin

Wicker resin is a solution to outdoor furniture longevity; the polyethylene fibers in the resin withstand outdoor elements like extreme weather conditions much better than traditional rattan wicker. Synthetic materials like wicker resin can be made in a seemingly limitless range of colors. When built with aluminum frames, outdoor furniture is easily moved as needed for rearranging or seasonal storage.

Powder-Coated Aluminum

Powder-coating is a durable and attractive finish for outdoor aluminum furniture as it provides protection from abrasion, wear, rust, weathering, and fading when exposed to outdoor elements. Powder-coated, aluminum outdoor furniture comes in many different color options to give your outdoor entertainment area a stylish look.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture in Rhode Island is made from recycled plastics like bottles, jugs, and other plastic packaging. Plastic recycling helps save the planet by reducing the amount of trash being produced by making new products out of old ones. Aside from its ecological benefits, recycled plastic furniture also offers longevity, practicality, and reasonable cost.

Cast and Tubular Metal

If you decide to go with metal patio furniture instead of wood or resin, cast aluminum is one of the best options available. Cast aluminum outperforms other common materials in several areas, including versatility, strength, weight, and the level of maintenance required.

The Best Outdoor Furniture in Rhode Island

Once you have familiarized yourself with the many outdoor furniture options in Rhode Island, you might still have questions. Our design professionals at Rhode Island Design Center have the experience and understanding needed to guide you to the backyard of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more!


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