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Interior Remodeling: Things To Keep In Mind

Updated: Mar 31

Beautiful Living room design with a comfortable couch, and open and relaxing design by RI Design

Interior remodeling projects usually involve adding new features or renovating existing ones. If you've decided to undertake an interior design project, you’ll want to pick out pieces that fit with the theme, textiles, and color palette desired for the new look of your space.

The next step is finding a high-quality furniture store with design experts that can help you choose the perfect pieces. That is where Rhode Island Design Center comes in. Whether you plan to completely overhaul your living room, dining room, and/or bedrooms, below are some tips to consider when starting your project.

First Tip: Understand What Each Room Needs to Be Your Dream Space

A well-thought-out space needs to function effectively and meet all the requirements of its users. It also needs to appear attractive and visually appealing. This means ensuring that each room in the home serves a specific purpose and has the right amount of storage. A common mistake people make when designing their homes is underestimating the importance of functionality.

Living Room Furniture: The living room is the gathering area of the home. It's where your family, friends, and guests spend a lot of time, so it should be comfortable, inviting, and calming. Boost your interior with new expertly produced, high-quality living room furniture and place them in an area that compliments the rest of the room. Many people think you have to decide between comfort and style, but that is absolutely not true. You can blend both and create a living room you will be in love with again.

At Rhode Island Design Center, we offer durable fabrics made to last while adding refinement to the room's overall feel. Build from a base of neutral colors, pick energizing colors as accents, and keep your decorations simple to avoid unnecessary clutter. Use everyday accessories like lamps, art, and mirrors to reflect the room's theme, allowing you to change out your color scheme as you wish without remodeling the entire space over again.

Bedroom: Your master bedroom should be functional while still providing a sanctuary to relax in the home. Beds are usually the centerpiece of the room, so choose a style that matches your final dream room and build around that. An example would be to select an eye-catching headboard and develop your support decor items around it. Neutral fabrics brighten the space while providing a refined look. Play around with textures and accent colors to add visual interest. Think about adding a mirror that makes the room feel more spacious and moves the light as the day passes.

Home Office: You can transform any part of your house into a functioning workspace using a well-designed and functional desk with a modern office chair. At-home workers tend to keep their files stored online, so they don't need much room to store them.

By choosing the right home office pieces, you can create a creative workspace that feels calm and focused to help you prepare for your next big project. Start by choosing a theme for your home office. Coat the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Then, find furniture that fits the theme while being well-made and contemporary styled. Finally, create a relaxing environment by filling the room with plants and artwork.

Dining Room: Everyone wants their dining area to be aesthetically pleasing. Functionally, the space should be able to fit the whole family around the table. In addition to these requirements, you can also desire an inviting atmosphere. With this in mind, consider how you would like your guests to feel when visiting your home. Your dining area should be suitable enough to accommodate everyone comfortably while bringing people together to create lasting memories over family-style meals.

You may wish to consider round tables if you have a small space to work in. For larger areas, you might want to consider long rectangular tables with or without leaves. Regardless of size, you should choose a focal point that will set the tone for the rest of the room. An excellent choice for a primary focus could be a dramatic light fixture that hangs above the table. Accent pieces such as decorative pillows, vases, artwork, or candles can be placed throughout the room to help create a mood.

Outdoor Space: As days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler, it's an ideal time to go out and enjoy the fresh air. With recycled plastic materials becoming increasingly sophisticated, new choices and combinations keep coming. Add more seating with a corner-seating wedge or a cushioned ottoman. Set your home up to be cozy and stylish with elegant designs and curves for a fashionable touch. The final touch is a firepit to keep everyone warm while the sun sets.

Don't Work on Too Many Rooms At Once

When redesigning a room in your home, start with the basics. First, make sure you know what style you want. Then, choose a color scheme and paint colors that match those preferences. Finally, think about how you can incorporate furniture into the room without overwhelming it.

When redecorating your home, it's essential to stick to a plan. That way, you can keep yourself organized and avoid wasting time. Also, it'll help you track your progress and spot potential issues before they happen. These tips will ensure you get the best results possible.

Know Room Measurements and Layout - Bring That to The Store

Your home improvement project requires measuring and knowing the square footage of rooms in your house. Planning projects such as painting or decorating a room takes time and careful consideration. Before purchasing any furnishings, take the time to measure the available space and visualize if the item will overtake the area or be too small for the surroundings. Don’t forget to measure your ceiling heights, door widths, and windows.

To get the perfect results and furnishings for your home, start with accurate measurements of spaces while choosing a style and color, and then take those details with you to have an expert designer at Rhode Island Design Center work with you to develop a structured plan.

Get Design Assistance to Make Sure the Furniture Adds to Each Room - Instead of Taking Away

People often wonder how they can make their homes look better without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive décor items. Adding furniture is an easy way to bring new life into any room. Furniture adds style and character to a space, transforming an ordinary room into something special. Whether you plan to redecorate completely or refresh one part of the house, you can improve the appearance of any area by changing your existing decor.

With so much flexibility, why wouldn't you choose to hire a professional designer? By working closely with you throughout the process, designers can work within your budget and provide customized solutions that fit your lifestyle. Our interior Design professionals are trained to know what products work best together and can recommend options that won't break your budget.

Get Professional Inspiration For Your Interior Remodeling Project

Finding the right designer who understands your vision is challenging. You want someone who will take the time to understand your style and what you seek while adding value to your interior remodeling ideas.

At Rhode Island Design Center, we have a team of experienced designers to help you find the perfect style and furniture options for your home. Our vast high-quality furniture selection from the top brands is available to help you create a stylish and welcoming dream home. Call 401-826-5650 to schedule a consultation with our expert staff to assist with the perfect redesign of your unique space.

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