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How to Make the Most Out of Your Master Bedroom

Updated: May 30

The master bedroom of your home should be a sanctuary and a personal getaway that showcases your favorite collections, feelings, colors, and personal style. It is the only dedicated place in your home that you can escape to and recharge after a chaotic day.

Your bedroom ought to be nothing less than a serene space. If your master bedroom is keeping you up at night, we’re here to give you some ideas on how to best craft your sleeping area. With lots of master bedroom ideas out there, you only need to find a few that work well for you and the square footage at your disposal.

So, if you reside in New England and are looking for more space, here is our definitive guide to getting the most out of your master bedroom:

Emphasize Height

If your master bedroom features high ceilings, exploit the space and pick a tall bed as the centerpiece. Your bed's height calls attention to the ceiling's height and volume.

Consider a subtle bed with plenty of architectural interest to add the extra height. That way, your space won't appear bulky like it would if you brought in a bed that incorporates a footboard. A wooden four-poster bed would command excess attention while adding heft to the room as well.

Be Bold

Light-in-scale furniture and white walls make a room appear larger. However, that doesn't mean small spaces won't accommodate big, bold furnishings. By selecting slightly oversized furniture and a dramatic bedroom color scheme you may find the space you seek.

Emphasize larger pieces of furniture to shift attention to those pieces rather than the limited space constraints. You have to use the space you have — pair simpler bedroom accessories and bedding with light colors to make the most of a room. Check out our furnishing selections to see how Rhode Island Design Center can help you maximize your space.

Work Pattern

Patterns are another excellent way to help make your space feel more spacious. You only need a deliberate work pattern application to trick your eye into seeing the extra space in your master bedroom. Be selective with your pattern placement and try to add as much natural light as possible to make your room feel as spacious as possible.

Skip the bed when applying the pattern, especially if you're designing a small room. Make sure your window treatments and a patterned rug are related in tone, making your bedroom feel welcoming and calm.

Get a Leg Up

To keep your room open and organized, consider a large dresser for your bedroom that comfortably holds your clothes and personal items. Implement raised dressers and nightstands to allow for plenty of storage with ample space underneath. This will create a more expansive feel in your bedroom that stops your space from feeling cramped or crowded. With the right furniture choices, your bedroom can feel as it should – relaxing.

Design Your Master Bedroom in New England

It can be difficult to know how to design your master bedroom. No matter the size, your main bedroom boasts plenty of design potential. But that doesn't mean you should rush to acquire all the furniture pieces and bedroom décor at once. Instead, be scrupulous when planning out your master bedroom and have fun making your dream a reality.

Even better, you could consult professional interior design services for help in making the most out of your master bedroom. At Rhode Island Design Center, we are proud to have design experts who can't wait to guide you through the bedroom styling process.

Over time, we've earned the respect and trust of our clients in New England. Contact our experts today to achieve your dream master bedroom retreat!


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