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How to Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Updated: May 30

Getting a good night’s sleep feels so refreshing. However, for many people in New England, falling asleep at night isn’t easy. Stress and interruptions may keep you up.

Here’s a secret to getting more rest: Design the bedroom for sleep from top to bottom. These sleep room design tips can help you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

1. Make a High-Quality Mattress Your Top Priority

There is nothing more important — literally — for a good night’s sleep than your mattress. A mattress that's specific to your sleep preferences helps your body begin to relax instantly.

Considering how important a luxurious mattress is when designing your room for sleep, it’s smart to ask plenty of questions when shopping for a new one. Our friendly mattress experts can help you decide if a plush, firm, or pillow-top is right for you.

2. Add Layered Lighting to the Bedroom

Natural light in the bedroom is a good thing. It can give you a positive outlook in the morning. Seeing the sun in the morning can make it easier to fall asleep in the evening.

At night, things are different. Bright lights in the bedroom can keep you awake. Use dimmer switches, bedside lamps, or indirect light fixtures for a relaxing ambiance. They get you in the mood to sleep.

3. Select Room Colors That Help You Relax

Certain tones tend to be more relaxing in a color scheme. Choose colors that make you feel comfortable. For some people, white or blush are calming. Others rest better with deeper shades such as navy and emerald. Going a little on the warmer side is often a smart move to design a bedroom for sleep.

4. Create an Attractive and Practical Layout

It’s hard for anyone to relax if the bedroom feels claustrophobic. Interestingly, this feeling has more to do with your design choices and layout than it does with the square feet you have available.

No matter how big or small your space, it’s possible to design the bedroom for sleep. Using closet organizers, shelves, and other accents, take advantage of vertical space. Our interior design pros can help you with great layout ideas.

5. Decorate for Sleep With Room Design

What is for sleep room design? It’s all about giving the need for a good night’s sleep its proper place when creating your dream bedroom. When you start with that objective, it influences your creative choices. Fireplaces, accent rugs, and comfy throws are great ways to design your bedroom for sleep.

6. Cut Back on Clutter in Your Bedroom

Clutter equals stress. When there are work papers, clothes you haven’t folded yet, or study materials all over the place, it tells your brain that you haven’t finished your objectives for the day. The stress can keep you awake for hours, thinking about everything you need to do.

What’s the solution? Learn to love bins and other handy storage systems. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a great way to live, and it helps you sleep better.

Get the Most Out of Your Bedroom With Rhode Island Design Center

Get inspired to design a bedroom for sleep by visiting Rhode Island Design Center. Find heavenly mattresses, elegant beds, and warm bedroom accents. Discover furniture that fits your personality, whether your ideal bedroom is Victorian, retro, contemporary, or minimalist.

Our interior design specialists can start designing a room for sleep that you’ll love. Shop our bedroom sets right away to create an amazing sleep room design.


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