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How to Create Balance in Interior Design

Updated: May 2, 2023

● Your interior design is a blend of symmetrical and asymmetrical furnishings, wall hangings, and other elements.

● Rhode Island Design Center can help you achieve balance through these and other principles of interior design.

Is your home missing a touch of calmness? Whether redesigning your entire home or a single room, balance is one of the most important principles of interior design if you’re looking for a calm, comfortable room. Discover how symmetry and asymmetry help you achieve balance and turn to Rhode Island Design Center for those must-have furniture pieces to help you find balance.

All About Balance

One definition of balance in interior design is a comfortable sense of both symmetry and asymmetry. A symmetrical room means one side is a mirror image of another. While this may at first seem like a great way to balance your room design, it also leaves your room feeling uninspired and a little too bland.

Achieve balance in your interior design by adding a touch of asymmetry. Balanced designs aren’t perfectly symmetrical but do have a strong sense of cohesion throughout. Here are a few examples of an asymmetrical yet cohesive interior design:

● Furniture with the same color but different shape

● Prints and photos with different colors but similar frame shapes

● Varying heights of furniture

These are just a few examples of asymmetrical designs. The ideal amount of asymmetry in your design depends on your personal taste and your chosen style. Consider how the colors, textures, and shapes of your furnishings blend together or stand apart to create the sense of calmness you need.

How to Balance Symmetry and Asymmetry

The problem with asymmetry is that there is no mirroring or exact duplication when it comes to similar forms, lines, and colors. Sometimes, that look can be pulled off. However, if your home or room is feeling more cluttered and disorganized, achieving balance may look like adding a little more symmetry. Choose a set of matching sofas on opposite ends of your living room, or mirror the wall designs around your fireplace to add more symmetry.

There is no right answer for the amount of symmetry and asymmetry in your home design. At Rhode Island Design Center, we can work with you to create the optimal levels of balance and visual interest in your home. This sense of equilibrium is highly personal, so discuss how you feel about your home to see how you can create a more uniform or more visually interesting look.

Add Balance to Your Style

Symmetry designs and asymmetry designs play out differently as you apply them to your particular interior style. For example, an interior design that features farmhouse, traditional, or classical elements is more likely to side with symmetrical designs. Elevate the symmetrical pieces in your room to enjoy greater balance with these interior designs.

For Bohemian, modern, or eclectic rooms, asymmetry is the spice of life. Alternate seating arrangements, pair a seat with a potted plant or create a visually interesting wall art display.

Update Your Interior Design With Rhode Island Design Center

Elevate your interior and add value to your home with the help of Rhode Island Design Center. Contact us today to discuss balance in your interior design. Shop for furniture, lighting fixtures, and wall hangings to add the missing pieces to your beautifully balanced home in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Whether you’re redesigning your entire home or just looking for a few missing pieces, work with our expert team to create a calm, welcoming home. Reach out by phone by calling (401) 826-5650.


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