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Fall 2023 Home Decor

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

When fall arrives in New England, the leaves change colors, the air becomes crisp, and you finally get to wear your flannels and sweaters. Enjoy the beauty of the vibrant fall colors and the cool breeze outdoors, and then relax in your cozy new furniture indoors.

  • Start fall decorating with new furnishings that focus on comfort and warmth. Create stylish, cozy rooms that look good in the fall and the rest of the year, too.

  • When selecting fall furniture designs, look for deep tones, dark colors, and oversized comfort. Choose leather, wood, and other natural materials for a rustic look.

Decorating With Fall Furniture

When the weather gets colder, you want cozy furniture for comfort indoors. You can create a rustic fall retreat that looks beautiful year-round for the perfect autumn coziness anytime. Fall furniture designs are rich and decadent with warm color palettes and various fabric textures to ensure a stylish look for all your rooms.

For fall decorating in the living room, try oversized furniture in deep hues of brown and black. Choose warm, dark tones of leather in elegant club chairs or sofas. Add a wooden bookshelf to add to the comfy aesthetic of your space. Create visual interest with accent pieces in red and orange, further adding a comforting autumn appeal.

When choosing furniture for your New England bedroom, select rust or jewel-toned bedframes and accessories. Or keep your room subdued in natural hues, then accent with a burnt orange sofa, chair, throw blanket, or pillow. Add a warm rug and soft lighting to enhance the intimate feel of your room.

Get your dining room ready for holiday family gatherings with a dark wood table and vintage chairs in deep, rich colors. Set the mood before you set the table with comforting fall furniture designs. Your guests won't want to leave the table in your newly refreshed and inviting space.

Fall Furniture Options

When it gets chilly outside, you spend more cozy nights in, enjoying time with family and friends in the comfort of your home. Choose reclining furniture for comfort in your living room. It provides the perfect comfortable seating for hanging out or taking an afternoon nap. You can kick back and relax in style with a new reclining sofa. Or purchase a sofa sleeper to accommodate holiday guests in comfort and style.

Cozy Furniture for Fall

Oversized, comfy seating options will produce rooms you want to snuggle up in all year long. Upholstered deep seating in warm natural hues or deep tones create a sense of warmth and relaxation for cozy nights under a blanket when the air outside gets chilly. When updating for autumn, choose pieces with leisure, rest, and comfort in mind.

Shop Rhode Island Design Center for a Fall Update

When the weather gets colder, you want rooms you can go to for comfort, warmth, and relaxation. Fall decorating doesn't mean just placing pumpkins around your home. Select dark leather furnishings, natural wood tables, and vibrant orange and red accent pieces to create spaces you will want to hibernate in for quite some time.

At Rhode Island Design Center, we have everything you need to design gorgeous fall spaces you will love year-round. Contact us at (401) 826-5650 to find out how we can help you achieve an indulgent autumn retreat.


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