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Explore Minimalism and Modern Design in Your Home

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Minimalism is a hot interior design topic. Whether you read "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" or you are simply interested in a more streamlined and modern look for your home's living spaces, now is the time to give your home an update.

Tenaciously Remove Clutter The foundation of minimalism focuses on the removal of clutter. A cluttered home drains your energy, distracts you and causes stress. Start your journey to minimalism by removing clutter. Begin with the papers or magazines. Continue with decorative items. Empty each drawer, basket and cabinet and remove unneeded, broken or duplicate items. Save the sentimental items for last. Only keep what matters the most. Embrace the emptiness of a bare shelf or tabletop. Once you have rid a room of clutter, you can plan a design, color palette and theme for the space.

Select a Neutral Color Base After getting the clutter out of your home, select a neutral color base in order to provide a cohesive and streamlined design. A neutral color base is clean, fresh and calm. Neutral tones pair well with one or two accent colors for a coordinated look. For example, this 84-inch charcoal sofa is an ideal neutral color. It coordinates with all other colors, so you watercolor wall art or brightly patterned throw pillows will stand out against it. Consider adding texture to create visual interest to your home's living spaces. The tufts and decorative studs on these accent chairs are a good example of texture paired with neutral colors. If you are unsure of which neutral color is best suited to your personality, our interior designer can help you decide.

Choose Quality Furniture Invest in quality furnishings that are made to last. Choose pieces with simple and clean lines. Let the focus be on the quality of the materials, their texture and color. This king-sized bedroom set offers all of these properties. Made of quality hardwood, the simple design is modern and approachable. The warm brown tones of the wood pair well with all styles and colors of linens. As a classic bedroom set, it will stand the test of time.

Incorporate Furniture With Storage Modern furniture with storage is where form meets function. You can maintain a minimalist look in your home's living spaces by choosing furniture with built-in storage. Relax in the evening and prop up your feet on this ottoman. Its clever design includes hidden storage. Stash a cozy blanket, your current reading material and a few board games inside its roomy compartment. A bed with built-in storage eliminates the need for a separate wardrobe or intricate closet organization system. The built-in storage conserves floor space and creates a more orderly room.

To learn more about minimalism or receive personalized assistance with choosing minimalist furniture with a modern design, contact us at RIDC. We also invite you to schedule a consultation for interior design services in our West Warwick and Providence area furniture store.


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