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Create To Your Heart's Content

Updated: Jul 2

Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary you can relax in, but creating the perfect space for you and your family can feel overwhelming because there are so many different design styles to choose from. The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate a home; you are free to create until your heart’s content with the final result. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary living room design or wanting to create a comfortable space to sleep or eat in, here’s what you need to know about interior design elements and trends to make sure you are happy with how your space looks.

Set the Tone With the Right Color

Are you a fan of neutral tones? Paint your walls white or light gray to set the tone for a modern space. If you have a more vibrant, colorful personality, you want your home to reflect that, so opt for bolder hues on the walls. Colors evoke emotions, so choose the hue that matches the atmosphere you want for the room. A cheery yellow living room can be a place where you and your guests are happy and entertained, while a tranquil blue bedroom can be relaxing. Passionate red hues can be perfect for people who love to spend time in the kitchen cooking their favorite meals.

There are no rules when it comes to color. Just choose a hue that makes you happy and sets the mood for your entire space.

Choose Timeless Furniture Pieces

Design trends constantly change. If you love a specific trend, go for pieces that bring that design to life inside your home, but don’t settle for furniture you don’t really like just because it is in style. Using classic pieces helps keep your space trendy and inviting, but it also ensures you like the furniture you use every day.

Traditional wooden furniture is a great example. It comes in various hues, meaning it looks great paired with any color decor. The texture also pairs well with other types of furniture, so it’s easy to mix and match upholstered furniture with wooden pieces. If you love the look of wooden furniture but are aiming for a more modern decor style, try pairing the pieces with brass or metal for a more urban appearance. The possibilities are nearly endless. Just choose furniture that fits your style.

Pay Special Attention to Lighting

If your space doesn’t have the right lighting, it will feel dark and claustrophobic. Whether you prefer large windows and the airy look of natural light, or if you want to add extra style with interior design elements, choose lighting fixtures that give off plenty of light while looking great in your space. Rather than using fluorescent lighting that may not look very attractive, choose a fixture made of gold, silver, copper, or brass metal. It helps light up your space, but it also adds extra style to the room. You can find fixtures to meet any design style or preference, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing one that looks great in your home.

Decorating your space isn’t supposed to be frustrating or overwhelming. Interior design gives you the unique opportunity to create a sanctuary that reflects your unique personality, so have fun with it. Keep these three basic guidelines in mind and get started on designing to your heart’s content. For help creating your ideal space, Contact the experts at Rhode Island Design Center today!


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