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10 Design Projects That Can Add Value To Your Home

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Home design projects provide homeowners with a wide range of benefits. Not only do they add beauty to a home, but just as importantly they can increase a home's value significantly. What's more, some of the best design projects are inexpensive.

Here are 10 design projects that will add value to you home without costing you a fortune:

1. Paint the Walls

You may be surprised to discover how a little paint can make a big difference. It can make your whole home look brand new. To get the best value added to your home, use a neutral color scheme.

2. Replace Your Fixtures

Replacing your old fixtures with new ones is another project that adds lots of value without costing much. Consider getting metal outlet covers and switch plates. They are not too expensive and they really make your house look modern.

3. Add Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans not only look good, but they can also help lower your energy bill in the summer. Best of all, they are usually inexpensive, especially if you install them in rooms that already have overhead lighting.

4. Retile Your Bathroom Floor

Another design project that adds bang for your buck is retiling your bathroom floor. Alternatively, sometimes regrouting the tile is sufficient to make it look new again, and this will cost you next to nothing.

5. Install Dimmer Switches with Motion Sensors

Like with adding ceiling fans, dimmer switches with motion sensors make your home both more energy efficient and valuable. For just a handful of dollars, you can have your room lights automatically turn off when no one is inside the room.

6. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

You do not need to completely replace your kitchen cabinets in order restore their lustre. Instead, simply paint the cabinets and replace the knobs and/or handles. For a small price, your cabinets will look new again.

7. Pressure Wash Your House

While painting the exterior of your house can be expensive and time-consuming, sometimes all that is needed is a little cleaning. For a small fee, you can rent a pressure washer and remove all the dirt and mildrew from your house.

8. Update Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing everyone sees when they come to your house, so make sure it looks nice. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all you need, but you should consider replacing it if necessary.

9. Add Closets to Spare Rooms

Do you know what is the difference between an ordinary room and a bedroom? Closets. By adding closets to a den or a home office, you instantly turn it into a spare bedroom, and you increase the value of your home.

10. Paint Your Bathtub

Nothing makes your bathroom look worse than an old and stained bathtub. But this does not mean that you have replace the tub. Instead, simply paint it and make the whole bathroom look new again.


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