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Pam Foley - Decorator


Detailed experience selecting home furnishing, paint, flooring, accessories, window treatments. Designed and decorated four new construction homes from the ground up, two condo renovations and a two tenement as well as various existing homes located on Cape Cod and Wareham, MA. Extensive experience with outdoor room design, landscape and night-scape lighting.Decorated nursing home that achieved a warm comfortable "homey" feel to enjoy their twilight years in. Decorated historic homes with elegantly hand designed centerpieces, mantels and staircases.Background consists of Commercial Art and Design education, Art Director Agency experience, Director of Photography sessions and ownership of a design studio. Also actively enjoy oil painting of land and seascapes in spare time and am involved in several art associations as well as historic home preservation efforts. Specializing in:
Complementary mode and flow - Color, texture and theme from room to room.
Visualization - New construction, renovation, reinvention.
Finishing – soft treatments, accent pieces, artwork.

Background: New construction design, General Contractor, relationship building.
Skills: Solution based assessment.
Period historic replication and restoration

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