Best Interior Designers in Rhode Island

Patricia Cicione


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I started with a love of fabrics, and their applications by watching my grandmother sew and tailer clothing when I was young. I soon learned to sew myself and continued to explore the many fabrics and properties of each. I continued through education, with a degree in fabric and textile design at SMU Dartmouth. During schooling I worked at a high end upholstery shop where I learned the differences between high end, bench made furniture and factory assembly pieces. I learned to appreciate skill and workmanship.I started worthing with the Thomasville store 13 years ago, part time, which quickly grew to a full time career career choice, where I also became certified for home design. I've been with the Design Center for 10 years, working with traditional, modern, industrial, and commercial plans. Whether you are in a trending fashion, classic, or specifically oriented, you just need an open mind to explore. Design can be ageless, timeless, using either today's newest furniture or classic pieces. Start with an empty space, or add a few pieces to finish a story. Start with a good foundation, update with modern colors, fabrics, create a whole new look. Growing up in New England, I can understand the practicality of easy living, but my goal is to reflect personalities, with warmth and character, sometimes mixing old and new.

Katie Zanzarov


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Katie has been passionate about interior design since she was a young girl, often rearranging and redecorating her bedroom. Katie joined the Rhode Island Design Center/Cardi’s Furniture as a designer in 2013 and truly loves what she does. A 2011 summa cum laude graduate from the University of Rhode Island, Katie completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Textiles, Merchandising and Design, with a concentration in Interior Design. She has traveled abroad to Europe studying textiles and design and is inspired by global fashions and trends. Katie specializes in residential design but has worked on various commercial projects, including a fraternity house at her alma mater, URI. She has worked for multiple home furnishing companies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and began her journey as a design intern at the Design Center in 2010. Her residential projects extend throughout the state and include homes on the scenic Rhode Island and Massachusetts coastlines. She loves using color and mixing textures to create exciting atmospheres. Katie’s goal is to help her clients create their dream home no matter what the budget may be. Whether your style is traditional or modern, she will help bring your visions to life!

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Kristin Brzozowy 


(401) 304-1848 

Kristin graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Textiles, Merchandising and Design, with a concentration in Interior Design and a Minor in Art. She worked as an intern in 2017 at the RI Design Center and quickly realized her passion and talent to be able to work with clients and to create beautiful interiors. She has always been interested in design and creativity from a young age and has a keen eye for organization and color. With a fresh design perspective, Kristin can utilize her creativity as well as organizational skills to help create spaces clients will love for years to come!

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Kristen Marcks 



As a decorator, I understand how tricky and challenging spaces can be. I love a challenge!  Mistakes can be expensive and disappointing.  Buying things and returning them wastes time and energy. As your Decorating Solutions decorator,I will put a solid design plan in your hands, allowing you to know what's right for your space (or not), and you can work the plan as your time and finances allow. With your Decorating Solutions  plan, I spend time in your home to discuss, measure and work out any design and color details. Design is collaborative and needs to address the wants and needs of everyone in your home! Sometimes my homeowners have so many good ideas that they just can't narrow it down to one, or often  they just can't find a good starting design concept. After the visit, we will meet in our beautiful Design Studio to refine your plan together, focusing on how the space is to be used, and how we can make it more durable, comfortable and attractive. You will also learn my designing tips and tricks to bring life to your space, and hopefully have a little fun too!  With my expertise you should save time and money. I have been a decorator for over 18 years and have helped hundreds define their spaces in a way they were just not able to do by themselves. From furniture placement, whole-house color schemes, lighting, ADA compliance, blueprint reviews, and moving and downsizing- I can help. Feel free to reach out directly if you have any additional questions!