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Patricia Cicione - Certified Home Designer

I started with a love of fabrics, and their applications by watching my grandmother sew and tailor clothing when I was young. I soon learned to sew myself and continued to explore the many fabrics and properties of each. I continued through education, with a degree in fabric and textile design at SMU Dartmouth.


During schooling, I worked at a high-end upholstery shop where I learned the differences between high-end, bench-made furniture, and factory assembly pieces. I learned to appreciate skill and workmanship. I started worthing with the Thomasville store 13 years ago, part-time, which quickly grew to a full-time career choice, where I also became certified for home design.

Passion for Fabrics and Home Design

I've been with the Design Center for 10 years, working with traditional, modern, industrial, and commercial plans. Whether you are in a trending fashion, classic, or specifically oriented, you just need an open mind to explore. Design can be ageless, timeless, using either today's newest furniture or classic pieces. Start with an empty space, or add a few pieces to finish a story.


Start with a good foundation, update with modern colors, fabrics, create a whole new look. Growing up in New England, I can understand the practicality of easy living, but my goal is to reflect personalities, with warmth and character, sometimes mixing old and new.


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