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Replaceable Hand Me Down Furniture

Spare bedrooms and children’s rooms often get furnished with leftovers, but like the middle child that gets overlooked, these rooms deserve attention too.

If you’re furnishing a spare room, choose the style you like. For instance, if you like all things modern, there’s no way you’ll be happy with something from the rustic cabin world no matter how cute it is. Think about the type of guests you usually have and how they will use the room. Should you get a queen size bed, two twins, or maybe even a bunk bed?

Guests might not expect to have a chest of drawers to use, but a nightstand is always useful. A full-length mirror is a must to cut down on bathroom traffic and a cute bench or storage under the bed is definitely helpful. And, nice sheets are a great way to make your guests feel pampered.

If you’re furnishing for children or teens, take their style tastes into account too. This room will serve as their retreat when they need to study or just get away from everyone. Make sure you have enough storage for clothes, toys, and gear. Underbed storage is the second-most sought-after feature for this age group, right after USB ports built into the bed or nightstand.

Looking for a desk? It doesn’t have to match the bedroom set (too much matching can feel boring), choose one that fits your child’s study style. Lastly, if you’re furnishing a nursery, don’t forget Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses Free*** Crib program, a growth proof option. Purchase a new crib at Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses and when your child is ready for a big bed you can trade in the crib within the next four years for the full purchase price towards up to 50% of your next purchase.


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